Handcrafted to perfection

Despite all of the high technology used in the manufacture of NOMYU, one of the secrets to achieve a product with high aesthetic rigor is the finishes.

Technical features

The unique experience of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS in developing kiosks is crucial to get a product extremely beautiful and with a high level of finishing.

NOMYU uses a high quality clear tempered front glass with Anti-Glare properties. It is manufactured by the float process, which produces a glass with a perfectly flat, parallel surface, with resistance to environmental stressors and 1C2 pendulum body impact resistance.

Let it snow with the winter operation mode,

Technical features | NOMYU Technical features | NOMYU

or heat it up, because NOMYU's a sun lover!

Technical features | NOMYU Technical features | NOMYU

NOMYU is well prepared for different types of environments: cold, hot or humid, with capacities from the ventilation of 330W to 2000W (outdoor versions). With this smart system, NOMYU can operate in a range temperature between -20ºC and 40ºC, being still possible to extend this range temperatures between -40°C to 55°C.

Ventilation and Air Conditioning System

Smoothest touch screen glass

NOMYU ultra-smooth glass presents the best steady touch experience. Glass is smoother than most of the other glass in the kiosks market and ordinary touchscreen products. Once you start touching the NOMYU surface, you will immediately see the difference.

NOMYU is an asset for urban communication, as it uses a high quality clear tempered front glass with Anti-Glare properties, resistant to all environmental stressors.

It’s not a gorilla but it's very strong!

Urban Communication | NOMYU

Less air gap, more responsiveness

One detail that makes all the difference. Our engineers and technical research succeeded in reducing the layer of air in construction, approaching the glass to the display.

This kind of unique construction provides less reflection and a clear view, even with intense sun exposure. By reducing the layer of air, we are able to increase the responsiveness of the screen and to reduce the parallax effects.

Less Air Gap | NOMYU

Sharper Pictures Without Reflections

Glass surface with Anti-Glare micro-etching or Anti-Reflex treatment almost completely eliminates annoying reflections. It is excellently suitable for use as a front panel for high resolution display screens and premium displays, wherever quality and design place high demands on the material and its properties.

Anti-Reflex | NOMYU Anti-Reflex | NOMYU Anti-Reflex
Reflex | NOMYU Reflex | NOMYU Reflex

With a magnetic door contact switch alarm, any unauthorized opening of the door sends an alert to the control system and a built-in siren in the kiosk is activated. It is also possible to control the door lock with the optional interface or with a multifunctional remote control transmitter.

A built-in shock/tilt sensor with adjustable pre-alarm is also possible to install that will activate the alarm if NOMYU is subject to “jolts” that can indicate possible intrusion attempt.

The alarm system can also be connected to the remote management system or send alerts by SMS or email.

With a proximity sensor system (optional), NOMYU is capable of detecting the presence or movement of individuals.

With this photoelectric sensor, numerous software features can be implemented, such as the ability to activate content only with the presence of users. With the detection, registration and distance functions, NOMYU can determine whether a person is approaching or moving away, thereby activating different contents.

Smoother, sharper and clearer pictures

Fluyd Crystal Technology | NOMYU

Fluyd Crystal Technology

This is the technology that makes a better chamber. Smoother, sharper and more life-like colors images.

Carl Zeiss Lens | NOMYU

Carl Zeiss Lens

Sharp images from a lens industry first mark image and photography.

15 Megapixel | NOMYU

15 Megapixel

Images with 15 megapixels for high-resolution pictures.

Autofocus | NOMYU


The autofocus is 20 frames faster, more sensitive and more intelligent.

Recording Full HD 1080p | NOMYU

Recording Full HD 1080p

Recordings in 1080p HD widescreen of 30 frames per second(fps).