A versatile Digital Billboard

The Brain, the power box

NOMYU is extremely technologically advanced, mainly because it integrates a bespoke ECU (Electronic Control Unit) that ensures systems and electronic components are always operational, with remote web management control.

In case of emergency, self-protection procedures, such disconnecting display or CPU, HVAC stops and starts, power off entire system, with automatic failure notifications (email or sms), will ensure that the system is as reliable and secure as possible.

The Brain, the power box | NOMYU

Digital Billboard controlled by Smartphone

With The Brain system it is possible to receive status information of the devices through SMS or through the webportal The Brain.

Web Portal Application

One of the most innovative features of NOMYU is undoubtedly the advanced remote control system The Brain. This system is fully developed by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS and is composed of a set of hardware and software.

The hardware is a bespoke ECU (Electronic Control Unit), installed in NOMYU, that ensures systems and electronic components are always operational.

This ECU besides possessing “intelligence” through algorithms and pre-programmed functions that allow to make decisions autonomously, is connected through the network to a web portal that further enhances the capabilities of this device.

The Brain is a fantastic tool for managing and monitoring, which allows not only to perform monitoring functions and reception status of all the components that are installed in each NOMYU, but also perform actions on all equipment which is connected to the ECU in each kiosk.

The Brain Login page | NOMYU

Login page

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NOMYU is compatible with all major Digital Signage, web applications and multimedia software products.

NOMYU is the ideal equipment for the presentation of interactive maps or an interactive navigation system solution.

The “Real Catcher” for NOMYU is based on innovative image analysis techniques and uses a standard webcam, IP camera or special video analysis systems, like Kinect, Primesense and others, to perform an analysis to facial images of people watching displays.

Ingenious sensors system

NOMYU can integrate multiple sensors that provide real-time information about the critical components of the equipment.

These sensors are connected to The Brain hardware, sending updated information to the online web portal The Brain. In this web portal, it is possible to configure actions and notifications.

With a proximity sensor system (optional), NOMYU is capable of detecting the presence or movement of individuals.

With this photoelectric sensor, numerous software features can be implemented, such as the ability to activate content only with the presence of users. With the detection, registration and distance functions, NOMYU can determine whether a person is approaching or moving away, thereby allowing the activation of different contents.

One of the NOMYU unique technology systems is the integration of a sensitive RGB photodiode that allows for a verification that, in fact, content (as video or images) is being displayed in the kiosk display.

Strategically positioned inside the kiosk and out of sight of the user, it ensures that the display is continuously analyzed. Using algorithms developed specifically for The Brain, it can really determine if the display is connected and, most importantly, if it really is transmitting content.

One of the sensors that can be integrated in NOMYU is the temperature sensor. With it, it is possible to know the environment temperature and the temperature of NOMYU in real-time.

With this sensor, the system is able to automatically control the fans or air conditioner obtaining, therefore, effective control of NOMYU temperature.

One of the sensors that can be integrated in NOMYU is the humidity sensor. With it, it is possible to know the environment humidity and the humidity of NOMYU in real-time.

With this sensor, the system is able to obtain detailed statistics of environmental humidity in real-time, at any time.

A built-in shock/tilt sensor with adjustable pre-alarm is also possible to install and will activate the alarm if NOMYU is subject to "jolts" that can indicate possible intrusion attempt.

The alarm system can also be connected to a remote management system or send alerts by SMS or email.

With a magnetic door contact switch alarm, any unauthorized opening of the door sends an alert to the control system and a built-in siren in the kiosk is activated.

It is also possible to control the door lock with the optional interface or with a multifunctional remote control transmitter.

One of NOMYU’s features is the integration of environmental sensors and, more specifically, sensors that measure the air quality index (AQI). NOMYU allows the visualization, in a reliable way, of this same information.

Thus, all important information about air quality is available in one place and monitors, in real-time, the air quality in a specific space or area, regardless of the weather conditions.

The Brain is a powerful system that allows the remote control of operations at kiosks and also to get permanent and punctual status of the various components that are installed in the kiosks.

One of the innovative features present in the portal is the ability to create events that are triggered by the state of various inputs.

Even more innovative is the fact that it is possible to connect The Brain to various existing systems (e.g., Pushover), thereby allowing a virtually unlimited expansion of the actions or alerts to be sent.

Wireless and Wi-fi hotspot

The NOMYU exclusive wireless system is designed for wireless data transfer with high possibility of distance and external antenna for greater wireless coverage distance.

An advantage of NOMYU exclusive system is the RSMA connector. For even more demanding application, the antenna can be removed and replaced with another antenna giving even greater flexibility and options.

Besides the function of wireless adapter, NOMYU's exclusive wireless system can also function as an Access Point.

NFC Integration | NOMYU


NOMYU can integrate NFC technology that makes life easier and more convenient for consumers around the world by making it simpler to make transactions, exchange digital content and connect electronic devices with a touch.

Experience the Future

NOMYU was designed so that it can integrate the latest technologies, such as 3D displays and even front glass can be technologically altered to be able to integrate autostereoscopic displays and, thus, allow a unique 3D experience without glasses.

Enjoy a stunning 3D experience with no need for special glasses thanks to the autostereoscopic 3D effect.

Without the need for special glasses