In all shapes and forms for any type of application

NOMYU Versions

NOMYU was developed for outdoor and indoor use. It can be adapted and customized to meet the needs and specifications of any particular project. NOMYU can have several dimensions or components, that make it a flexible and adaptable digital billboard for any company or any activity sector.

Double side: one point, many solutions

NOMYU was specially developed to enable the presentation of dynamic advertising, commonly called Digital Signage. NOMYU was also developed so that it can have multiple configurations, so being as versatile as possible.

One possible configuration is to use two displays, one on each side, thus creating a powerful advertising equipment with the possibility of also providing the equipment of interactivity on any of the faces.

Double Side | NOMYU

Our engineers and designers have taken care to create a solution which, in addition to innovative technology, represents a distinctive mark in regard to the design, usability and ergonomics, since it is able to maintain the identity of the product, whatever the configuration or components used.

Double side version

Interactivity and advertising with an additional side display

Also, NOMYU has a side display version, which is an asset for urban communication and is equipped with cutting-edge technology thinking about the needs of citizens and the unification of communities.

With reliable and fast Internet (through Wi-Fi), this equipment can also integrate camera and headphones for videoconferences, VOIP connection, local sensing, USB ports for smartphone charging, campaigns and programmatic advertising.

The best modular solutions

NOMYU has several models and it’s possible to configure it with two large displays (on each face) for advertising and double sided small interactive displays, allowing to create an impressive multimedia device.

Models | NOMYU
Models | NOMYU
Models | NOMYU
Models | NOMYU
Models | NOMYU

Multiple applications with wall and landscape versions

NOMYU was specially developed for the dissemination of multimedia advertising and can support large displays. Beyond the portrait model, NOMYU can have other configurations as landscape or wall mounting.

Our long experience in this market allows us to know that clients and projects are not always identical, and that in many cases there is a need for other display settings (other than portrait).

There are also very specific applications such as video or TV streaming, where the landscape configuration is undoubtedly the most effective and recommended.

Landscape Versions | NOMYU