Partteam Co-Founded

Name of the Project: Expansion of M.S.N.F. - Soluções Informáticas, Lda.

Main Objective: Expansion of M.S.N.F. - Soluções Informáticas, foreseeing investments in the remodelling of a new space, in the reinforcement of the team and skills, and in the bet of the increase of the global competitiveness.

Region of Intervention: North.

Beneficiart Entity: M.S.N.F. - Soluções Informáticas, Lda.

Date of Approval: 28-05-2019

Start Date: 09-05-2018

Date of Completion: 08-05-2020

Total Eligible Cost: 144 387,00€

European Union Financial Support: 57 754,80€

Objectives, Activities and Expected / Achieved Results:

  • Turnover growth, reaching 2.850.000,00€ by the year 2020;
  • Entry in at least 2 new external countries, with the respective diversification of the current customer portfolio;
  • Improve the relationship with customers and suppliers, also expanding the company's portfolio, especially in terms of communication and marketing tools;
  • Improve the working conditions of employees in general, through the creation of a new space;
  • Increase of the team with subsequent increase of the response capacity and management of customers and projects.

  • Improvement of production and testing tools;
  • Strategic definition of workflows and tasks;
  • (Re)Qualification of the working conditions, increasing the available area of the company by introducing a new space;
  • Recognition of its brands;
  • Investing in procurement.