17" Quartz model implemented in the Unilabs Group

Unilabs Portugal, the leader in the provision of ancillary medical diagnostic services, chose the 17 "Quartz model to be implemented in the Unilabs Group diagnostic centers. All the kiosks integrate a service system with customized developments.

Unilabs Portugal proposed to PARTTEAM the challenge of adjusting the system of attendance to the operation of its units, a challenge that has been realized with the effectiveness that characterizes us.

"We want to improve the quality of service and optimize service processes. Get amazing results!"

Adjustments in the process of attendance with automatic re-routing, issuance of barcode in password for integration with the patient management system used by Unilabs; User re-routing between operators, standby calls, were implemented to improve the efficiency of operators.

Other functionalities have also been implemented that have a direct impact on the quality of service provided to its customers:

  • Changing priorities during the flow of care;
  • Call once per tablet;
  • Choice of room for after-call service;

  • This is a joint PARTTEAM / UNILABS project that goes beyond providing a product.

    Qmagine by Partteam software stands out in the market for its functionality and versatility, since it has the capacity to adapt to the different needs and sectors.

    Know more about QMAGINE at www.qmagine.com

    Unilabs Quartz by OEMKIOSKS
    Unilabs Quartz by OEMKIOSKS

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