We Made It... Safe

With a magnetic door contact switch alarm, any unauthorized opening of the door sends an alert to the control system and a built-in siren in the kiosk is activated.

It is also possible to control the door lock with the optional interface or with multifunctional remote control transmitter.

A built-in shock/tilt sensor with adjustable pre-alarm is also possible to install that will activate alarm if NOMYU is subject to "jolts" that can indicate possible intrusion attempt.

Alarm system can also be connected to remote management system or send alerts by SMS or email.

Proximity Sensor

Motion Detection

With proximity sensor system (optional), NOMYU is capable of detecting the presence or movement of individuals.

With this photoelectric sensor, numerous software features can be implemented, such as the ability to activate content only with the presence of users. With the detection, registration and distance functions, NOMYU can determine whether a person is approaching or moving away, thereby allowing activate different contents.

Nomyu Safety