Smoothest Touch Screen Glass

NOMYU ultra-smooth glass presents the best steady touch experience. Glass is smoother than most of other glass in the kiosks market and ordinary touchscreen products. Once you start touching the NOMYU surface, you will see immediatly the diference.

Glare & Fading

On sunny days glare and reflexes can be a huge issue, obstructing vision and providing an unwelcome and unpleasant experience. The unique properties of NOMYU glass allow to filter and reduce this inconvenient elements, leaving a bright but almost free of reflexes experience. Also, this glass receive a special chemical treatment that provide high resistence to scratches and stains.

Nomyu Smoothest Touch Screen Glass
Nomyu Smoothest Touch Screen Glass

It's not a gorila But is very strong!

NOMYU uses a high quality clear tempered front glass with Anti Glare properties. It is manufactured by the float process, which produces a glass with a perfectly flat, parallel surface, with resistance to environmental stressors and 1C2 pendulum body impact resistance.

Nomyu is very strong