Reduced Thickness

Modern and Elegant Design

It was a challenge to develop a multimedia kiosk with many features and capabilities and have a very small thickness.

The use of environmentally friendly technologies (such as LED displays) and innovative production processes, allow an aesthetic beauty of NOMYU, thanks to its reduced thickness, even for large displays.

Even in the case where ventilation systems or large air conditioners are required, the perfect, effective and strategic integration of these elements in NOMYU continues to ensure that we are in the presence of an equipment sublime in terms of design.

The unique experience of PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS in developing kiosks is crucial to get a product extremely beautiful and with a high level of finishing.

Despite all of the high technology used in the manufacture of NOMYU, one of the secrets to achieve a product with as high aesthetic rigor, is all finishes are performed manually.

Nomyu Reduced Thickness