Photo & Video

Smoother, Sharper and Clearer Picture

Nomyu Photo & Video Fluyd Crystal technology

Fluyd Crystal Technology

This is the technology that makes a better chamber. Smoother, sharper and more lifelike colors images.

Nomyu Photo & Video Carl Zeiss Lens

Carl Zeiss Lens

Sharp images from a lens industry first mark image and photography.

Nomyu Photo & Video 15 Megapixel

15 Megapixel

Images with 15 megapixels for high-resolution pictures.

Nomyu Photo & Video Recording Full HD 1080p

Recording Full HD 1080p

Recordings in 1080p HD widescreen of 30 frames per second(fps).

Nomyu Photo & Video Auto Focus


The autofocus is 20 frames faster, more sensitive and more intelligent.

Optional Kinect

Use the Power of Kinect to Change the World

Kinect has changed the way people interact with computers and especially entertainment equipments. Now, the Kinect offers the potential to transform the way people interact with professional equipment and into its integration.

NOMYU enables a possibility to expand in sectors such as tourism, education, healthcare, retail, transportation, etc...

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