Client Logo

NOMYU was thought to the smallest detail. The front glass of NOMYU was designed to have a large area specifically for placement of a logo or name of the client.

Decorating and Customization of NOMYU in Vinyl or Digital Printing

Beyond logo placement or customer name in NOMYU front glass, customization of the kiosk can be performed by placing images on vinyl on the front or back of the kiosk, thereby enabling advertise a brand, a product or just for information.

We care about you.

Nomyu Customization Client Logo


NOMYU was developed to be a new urban equipment and integral part of any city.

There are modules that may be added smoothly to NOMYU and that serve various purposes related to the urban environment.

One of the modules is xtWay, it is an adaptation that can be personalized with the name of the street or any other useful information for residents, tourists, etc..

This module can have illumination for either the lettering as ambient light, making the NOMYU an design object desirable to any street.

Landmark "i"

One of the additions is the xtWay additional landmark "i", which identifies clearly the NOMYU as a digital information point, thus enabling it to be quickly identified and viewed by anyone, including tourists and visitors.

In indoor environment (e.g., airports, shopping centers) the xtWay can be used to identify NOMYU such as virtual directory or virtual office service.

Nomyu xtWay