Cool & Warm

Ventilation and Air Conditioning System

The technology developed for ventilation and cooling ensures the NOMYU maximum efficiency and reliability, even in extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations.

Knowing that one of the most critical situations in outdoor equipment display is the heat generated by all electrical and electronic (displays, computers, etc.) our engineers had developed an innovative system that allows the air conditioning system to be built equipment, allowing thereby keeping the NOMYU attractive design but without removing the reliability and effectiveness of the cooling system.

NOMYU is well prepared for different types of environments: they are cold, hot or humid, with capacities from the ventilation of 330W to 2000W (outdoor versions).

With this smart system, NOMYU can operate in a range temperature between -20ºC and 40ºC, being still possible to extend this range temperatures between -40°C to 55°C.

The unique system of the air conditioner improves resistance against corrosion of the condenser and brine, also enabling the NOMYU work in local environments near sea. With this system, and all ventilation technology developed, is secured a lower risk of failure of critical points of the system and greater simplicity of maintenance processes, thus minimizing the average time between failures.

Nomyu Cool & Warm