Nomyu APPS

Any App. Any OS. Any target.

NOMYU is compatible with all major digital signage, web applications and multimedia software products

It can be equipped with any computer and with any OS on the market, thus making it a versatile and without any owner or exclusive system that hinders the installation of applications, whether resident or in the CLOUD.

Nomyu Way Finding

Way Finding

Connecting You to the World!

NOMYU is the ideal equipment for the presentation of interactive maps or an interactive navigation systems solution. The large displays used in NOMYU allows the maps to be presented in considerable detail, allowing a search for a place or the navigation in the map very intuitive and precise.

Nomyu Real Catcher

Real Catcher

The Automated Audience Measurement Solution

Real Catcher is based on innovative image analysis techniques and uses a standard webcam, IP camera or special video analisys systems, like Kinect, Primesense and others, to perform an analisys to facial images of people watching displays.

Nomyu NFC Advertising

NFC & Advertising

Get Customer Close to Supplier

NOMYU can integrate NFC technology that makes life easier and more convenient for consumers around the world by making it simpler to make transactions, exchange digital content and connect electronic devices with a touch.

Nomyu Windows 8

Windows 8 Ready

Nomyu and Windows 8... The Perfect Match

Windows 8 represents a fundamental shift in the way Windows works and is far more touchscreen orientated for use on tablets as well as in interactive kiosks.

NOMYU is the perfect equipment to make the most of this operating system, including touch gestures and other features.