17 years working for you

We are not a start up... and this is evident, right ?

We are a kiosk manufacturer company

Having started its activity in 2000, based in Portugal, PARTTEAM GROUP & OEMKIOSKS operates in several areas, including multimedia interactive systems, industrial production, graphic design and advertising, engineering and telecommunications, web based applications development, software development, etc.

We know that success of a company is actually connected to a strategic plan, that approach citizens to digital technologies, promoting experiences and sharing, and thats why all company divisions participate and interact with each other so that a global harmony is achieved in every product or service develop by our company.


Partteam Group

Why us?

Advantages, benefits, technology

Our engineers and designers have taken care to create solutions which in addition to innovative technology represents a distinctive mark in regard to the design, usability and ergonomics. We develop kiosks, totems and digital signage solutions (hardware and software) that can maximize the return of investment of our clients.

With more than 15000 thousands of designs, we have a refined process of kiosk development and our in-house fabrication together with other manufacturing production lines allow us to leverage our resources, creating a flexible manufacturing capability that enables fast response to low or high volumes.

Several years has passed since our first kiosk production, and we are proud to continue manufacturing high quality equipments for indoor and for outdoor. We have more than 100 standard models and in some cases we are in the 7th generation of our kiosk models, and each one an improvment on the last generation.

Our in-house tecnhical and product design departments are able to develop any bespoke equipment with custom design to fit the demands of each customer and each specific project.

To guarantee the maximum quality and precision of our equipments, our qualified tecnhical team assemblies every component and product in our facilities, and quality tests are performed before delivering to the client. We pride ourselves on producing equipment that most finishing is done by hand, achieving unprecedented accuracy.

We are in the 4.0 age

Our success is only possible due to the highly qualified team, partners and distributors that works with us worldwide to fulfil the requests and demands of the market and high technologically demanding projects.

Our mission is the development of products and services geared to consumers and to contribute to the creation of technological and industrial innovation, in order to create technological tools that facilitate and expedite the tasks of any individual adopting and enhancing practice social responsibility to achieve the objectives.

For more information, you can consult our oficial website:

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Partteam at ISE 2014 presenting Nomyu


Nomyu Double Sided at Calheta by Partteam Group


PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS was selected by a partner to develop and produce an interactive public kiosk to help the Town Hall of Calheta Viva to stay in touch with locals and tourists.

Nomyu NOS Alive Huawei Kiosk by Partteam Group


These interactive digital billboards billboard were one of the attractions in the NOS ALIVE , allowing visitors and participants bring forth out "selfies" that were automatically posted on FACEBOOK.

MEDIAX PLASMV for a Drive-in at Zagreb(Croatia) by Partteam Group


We develop a combination of our MEDIAX model with our PLASMV model to create an outdoor digital billboard for a Drive-in installed at Zagreb (Croatia).

Digital Billboards for gyms and fitness clubs by Partteam Group

Digital Billboards

Digital Billboards
Digital billboards are ideal allies for Gyms and Fitness Clubs regard the promotion of their events, classes, etc. With QMAGINE software they can upgrade content remotely and synchronized among the various digital billboards installed.

Kiosk Self-service payment, ticketing system in Sintra Park by Partteam Group

Sintra Park

Sintra Park
Self-service payments kiosks for ticketing system in Sintra Park where they operate several parks, gardens and monuments, most of which were awarded prizes in the field of nature conservation, tourism, upgrading and urban regeneration.

PlasmV Model for interactive kiosks by Partteam Group

Interative Kiosk

Interative Kiosk
What a great example of use of our interactive kiosks (PlasmV model) and digital signage software QMAGINE.

Here in an important customer reference.

ANA Airports interactive table by Partteam Group

ANA Airports

ANA Airports
ZYTAB interactive table by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS @ANA Airports.

Helping in the handling baggage systems.

AUCHAN Wayfinder software by Partteam Group


Wayfinder software at TEMBU indoor kiosk at AUCHAN shopping store. Indoor kiosk with high brightness display makes all the diference. by PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS

Thin kiosk for customer self-service registration to IKEA by Partteam Group


The IKEA (Cyprus), with 238 stores in 34 countries (specialized in low cost household furniture), chose our Thin kiosk for customer self-service registration to IKEA Family program with immediate loyalty card issuing.

Ticketing Kiosk and System with credit card by Partteam Group


One of the biggest people and goods transportation companies in Spain choose our company to develop and produce kiosks for ticketing system. New kiosk with credit card system was developed for this particular project.

Transactional Kiosk Network in Czech Republic by Partteam Group


One of the st and advanced transactional kiosk networks, placed throughout all Czech Republic. We are proud to be the company selected to design, develop and produce this kiosks for Czech distributor.

Multimedia Kiosks for Shopping Centers in Europe by Partteam Group


59 interactive multimedia kiosks for 3 new shopping centers located in Europe. WINGS billboard model with double sided display,Tembu for interactive directories and Duplex kiosks were installed.

If you want to see more works from Partteam & OEMKIOSKS click here


16 years of success
  1. 2016
    Obtaining patent NOMYU Landscape and ADEYO with the USPT (in the USA )
    Kiosks fully customized with Android system for NOS Alive event
    Fair logistics in Vila Franca de Xira
    Exame magazine article about Partteam Group & OEMKIOSKS
    RTP reporting Ideas and Companies
    Queue Management project with IKEA and LEGO
    Project wattDREAM - mobility charge system
    Project at the inauguration of Sesimbra Maritime Museum
    Production and installation of MEDIAX in UCI cinemas
    Highlight of Partteam in i9Magazine
  2. 2015
    Obtaining patent NOMYU (original model) with the USPTO (in the USA)
    Attendance at the fair CeBIT 2015 Germany
    Presence in the meeting of the ISE 2015
    Sale of 40 Apolo kiosks for the country OMAN
    More than 70 PlasmV kiosks for the insurance company Allianz
    ClusterWall - Interactive Hub of Digital and Multimedia Contents
  3. 2014
    Presence in the meeting of the ISE 2014
    NOMYU exhibition at Dubai Infocomm - Gitex, with a resounding success
    Inauguration of Dreamlab & Factory
    Newspaper The Guardian
  4. 2013
    Nomyu premium model launched
    Developed beskope air conditioner system for outdoor kiosks
    Status “PME Líder (SME leader)” renewed Achieve 90 standard models of kiosks
    423th patent kiosk design applied
    New outdoor kiosks models (Urbus, Century, Avenita)
    BRAIN innovative bespoke ECU system for outdoor kiosks developed
    15.000 kiosk drawings achieved
    New authorized distributors for Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany
    IngeniPlate developed, a unique advance system for mounting internal equippment
    Innovative outdoor kiosks with wheels and batteries developed.
  5. 2012
    Beggining of Nomyu development
    Bespoke innovative outdoor kiosks for trucks drivers (Struck model)
    EMF (European Seal of Excelence) award for innovative products
    Achieve 80 standard models of kiosks
    Deloitte Award - 30 greatest growth technology companies - Fast 500TM initiative
    New authorized distributors for Slovakia, Chekz Republic, Belgium
    300th patent kiosk design applied
    Developed innovative triangular outdoor kiosks with 2 faces
    Bespoke outdoor kiosk with videowall for parking system
  6. 2011
    New outdoor kiosks for BusStop (Exhibit model)
    New exclusive distributor for Cyprus
    Becames official distributor of Visual Planet (foil touch)
    200th patent kiosk design applied
    First outdoor kiosk with 2 sides digital display (one touch + one advertising)
    Status “PME Excelência (SME Excelence)”, awarded under the Program FINCRESCE from IAPMEI
    Achieve 50 standard models of kiosks
    First kiosk with vertical motorized display adjustment developed
    London Kiosks Company, UK division created
    New authorized distributors for UK, France, Romania, Slovenia
  7. 2010
    Developed first controller hardware to remote management of kiosks
    Status “PME Líder (SME leader)” renewed
    New exclusive distributor in Spain
    Bespoke innovative fans system developed for outdoor kiosks
    100th patent kiosk design applied
    Integration of alarm and shock sensor in outdoor kiosks
    New exclusive distributor for Angola and Moçambique
    Bespoke integration of Microsoft Kinect in Outdoor kiosks
  8. 2009
    Bespoke outdoor kiosk developed for Romenia customer (access control) with automatic recognition of truck plates
    First kiosks project for Airport (Aeroportos ANA)
    New outdoor kiosks with glass top protection
    50th patent kiosk design applied
    Large project deployment of outdoor kiosks with PROCAP touch in Spain
    Antigrafitti varnish solution provided in outdoor kiosks
    Integration of high brihtness displays in outdoor kiosks
  9. 2008
    Innovative outdoor kiosk developed for biggest maritim port in Portugal
    Design and production of kiosks with battery systems with wheels
    Developed new digital outdoor kiosks
    Integration of payment systems in kiosks
    Inovative project for selfservice rent a car ourdoor kiosks
  10. 2007
    Wins 90% of kiosks public tenders in Portugal
    Integration of air conditioner in outdoor kiosks
    Developing of wayfind interactive outdoor kiosks
    Achieve 20 standard models of kiosks
    New international exclusive distributor in Italy
  11. 2006
    Increase facilities space
    First international aproach (Spain exclusive distributor)
    Design and developed of first outdoor kiosks with interactive projected capacitive tecnhology
    OEMKiosks international division created
  12. 2005
    First patent kiosk design applied
    Award for best innnovation (kiosk) at EIITI fair in FIL (Lisbon)
    Innovative newspaper dispenser kiosk developed
    Status “PME Líder (SME leader)”, awarded under the Program FINCRESCE from IAPMEI
  13. 2004
    Large kiosks project for Portuguese Government
    Digital signage software developed
    Digital signage installations
    Queue managment software developed
    Participation in several fairs and exhibitions
    First outdoor kiosk developed
  14. 2003
    100 internet projects achieved
    First interactive kiosks installed innovative web tv platform created
    First european web tv developed award for digital signage software
    Beginning own production of kiosks
  15. 2002
    Increase facilities space
    Award for innovative sports webportal created
    Online webstore platform created
    Starting digital media services Kiosk multimedia applications developed
    First aproach to digital kiosks
  16. 2001
    Starting web services business
    Starting media and advertising services
  17. 2000
    Beginning of activity
    Main core business: time & attendance and access control systems.
    Small facilities & few human resourses